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What are your duties and responsibilities as the Quality Assurance Regulatory Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

I do ensure compliance of products compliance of products 100% we do not have tolerance for any non-compliance, so compliance against regulations in the local markets where we sell our products one of the things that I look after our checking what are the food laws and regulations in the countries that I'm responsible of which are Middle East countries North Africa and Turkey I do gather all the regulations and requirements and make sure that our products are meeting these requirements.


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Why did you choose National Technical University of Athens? (2 Cevap)

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest, biggest and most recognizable technical university of Greece, with 9 engineering departments covering various engineering fields, such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Naval, etc. Since my wish have been to study in the technical field, it was for me the “easiest” choice to study in this particular institution. NTUA is well known for its research, world-known professors and updated educational program. Last but not least, it has one of the most historical and beautiful campuses in Greece, located in both the centre of Athens and the suburbs (Zografou city).

What did you get from Calabria University? (1 Cevap)

They allowed me to attend the erasmus program, to join a lot of groups and organizations like EESTEC and to find a lot of contacts with companies and working environments.

What skills are required to study in Electrical and Computer Engineering? (2 Cevap)

The department has a significant amount of courses closely related to Maths, Physics, so a strong background is required. Also, the program in NTUA focuses more on learning patterns in the problems an engineer need to solve rather than getting to know the x/y technology you will need for a job. So, if for instance you want to become a web developer and you are absolutely sure about it, then maybe this department is not the ideal place. However, personally I gained a lot from learning to recognise the patterns and the broader perspective of a problem.

Why did you choose AGH University of Science and Technology? (1 Cevap)

There are many prominent universities in Poland, AGH is considered though, as probably the most engineering-focused. I wanted my studies to prepare me for real-life problems, rather than solving academic problems. Plus, it is known for having the biggest and the liveliest campus.