AGH University of Science and Technology

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There are many prominent universities in Poland, AGH is considered though, as probably the most engineering-focused. I wanted my studies to prepare me for real-life problems, rather than solving academic problems. Plus, it is known for having the biggest and the liveliest campus.

The biggest benefit is not being afraid of going out to the world, and dealing with technical and business challenges. While no university is able to teach young people everything about a certain fields, it fulfils its mission well, if it learns its students how to learn, make decisions and look for interesting problems.

I like the connection between the University and companies, both local and international. As a student there was often a chance to meet with engineers and representatives to learn practical things.

The study program could be more up-to-date, especially in studies related to computer science, telecommunications, electronics and the like. The laboratory classes are sometimes organized using obsolete equipment.