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Why are you working in Quality as a Medicine graduate? Could you tell about your career story? (1 Answer)

After graduating from Medicine I decided that I do not want to pursue to practice medicine itself I wanted to look at the administrative and the food aspect part of that soI went looking after companies that are producing food and I worked one in one of the biggest companies before I joined Kraft Heinz and I had some experience then I had a bigger opportunity in Kraft Heinz bigger exposure with bigger responsibilities and that's why I joined Kraft Heinz in quality assurance.

What tips & advices would you give to students who want to work in Quality Assurance? (1 Answer)

You have the passion for it you need to understand what you really like. which departments you want to join, what do you really like the most you like working with numbers than its finance or commercial are you good in communication with people could be sales or marketing are you a process-oriented person you like to be organized and to look after processes and operations then its quality assurance or supply chain quality assurance and advice is that have a qualification get the food science related degree learn the skills communication skills project management skills and then apply for quality assurance it could be one of the best opportunities you might encounter in your life.

Why did you get a masters degree on Health/Healthcare Administration at RCSI? (1 Answer)

I wanted do that because I wanted to have the other part of Medicine it's not about the practice I did not want to practice medicine I wanted to do the administrative part of it looking after the management aspects of health care and the industry and business I wanted to know more about that that's why I joined the RCSI college and I applied for them for the master's degree actually I benefit a lot from there and then it opened a lot of opportunities for me it gave me knowledge and basics and background terminologies about the business what does the marketing do? what does finance do? what does other business stakeholders do? how do you make business succeed what are the best practices to implement in your department? how can you make work easier, more efficient? it was a very good add-on value to my career and and it opened a lot of opportunities to me.

What do Medicine graduates do? What are the job opportunities? (1 Answer)

There are many you can look at my classmates for example one of them have graduated and she joined the pharmaceutical company and she's working the same role like myself which is regularly affairs and scientific affairs and many of them have decided to pursue working as doctors and practice being doctors and they specialize and they applied for residency in many hospitals and stuff like that however I would say there are other opportunities that you can also look at for example you can join research-and-development Department in a food company to develop products and do studies on product how does the effect that consumer is it a beneficial product what are the benefits these are at the duties of research and development career opportunities there are also quality assurance it's a is a very good opportunity and quality control as well.

What are the advantages of having a Medicine degree? (1 Answer)

It is very good I studied medicine I've never regretted doing that it added a lot to my career it was and it is until this moment it's the scientific link that you need to understand and it gives you the background to know how to do your duties and responsibilities particularly in the regularity because we look at giving product to the consumers that are fit for their health and it's safe to consume so the health and safety part of that it's very much related with medicine and looking after people's health.