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Career Opportunities

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What do Computer Engineering graduates do? What are the job opportunities? (1 Answer)

I have some friends who are tack intrapreneurs in this little Valley right now they opened their companies and they're doing very well I have friends who are in big software companies as developers working database have some friends like me who are not working in car computing but there are doing finance some of bankers summer traders summer management consultants I graduated in a airforce school Brazil so I have some friends work with in airforce some of them are teachers so the few that opens a lot of possibilities for you.

What are the career opportunities in Quality at Kraft Heinz? Any global opportunities? (1 Answer)

You can be managing a facility affectery you can be managing the process how do they produce food you can be a quality assurance person that make sure that everything is fulfilled or an auditor to make sure that you check if everything is done as per the policy you can be also working from the like myself i'm in regularity which is part of quality this is another opportunity talking about globally people have in Kraft Heinz have opportunity and the potential to grow and be at the zone level and from the zone level you can prove that you are very good at what you do and you can be promoted to be working at the global level which is everyone’s dream.

What do Medicine graduates do? What are the job opportunities? (1 Answer)

There are many you can look at my classmates for example one of them have graduated and she joined the pharmaceutical company and she's working the same role like myself which is regularly affairs and scientific affairs and many of them have decided to pursue working as doctors and practice being doctors and they specialize and they applied for residency in many hospitals and stuff like that however I would say there are other opportunities that you can also look at for example you can join research-and-development Department in a food company to develop products and do studies on product how does the effect that consumer is it a beneficial product what are the benefits these are at the duties of research and development career opportunities there are also quality assurance it's a is a very good opportunity and quality control as well.