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I have joined Kraft Heinz in legacy Heinz in 2013 the Brazilian office. I'm originally from Brazil and i worked there as an analyst in the financial planning and analysis team. This was shortly after they act the investment by 3g in Heinz and i was able to live all the results of the team back in Brazil and rapidly coordinate the team. There was a for people to reuniting over the resume after a sometime in Brazil I come up here to Dubai and Heinz MENAT to lead the process of Supply Chain Finance revenue management and MBO and ZB just talked i could say that my computer so foreign Heinz has been very exciting really really exciting working a meritocratic environment as our owners oriented environment as ours brings a lot of responsibility really early on a worker here so you have to really step up and do things people on your age are not expected to do but this also coming from great to arts because you learn a lot and you progress really fast in your career.

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I started like many of the students, they are probably watching this video, I started as a management trainee, in the US, the General Manager of Colgate US came to the campus of my university, they presented the company, I was attracted. The General Manager now is our CEO, and so I joined, I started in Sales and moved to Marketing, and in Colgate I work for 19 years, in 8 different countries, if I remember them, US, Argentina, France, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine and Turkey. So, I can say, I’m James Bond without a gun.