Delft University of Technology

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TU Delft is a very well-known technical university. The first time that I have found about it was through the Dutch students on one of the international events of my student organization. I knew for some time already that I want to do my Masters abroad in the international environment. However, I was always thinking only about Germany or Austria, where I also did my Erasmus exchange in Vienna during my bachelor.  In the extra year that I took during the bachelor and master studies I started considering also other options and studying in the Netherlands, where the majority of the master programs are held in English was one of them. Thanks to my student organization I had the opportunity to attend a free workshop on TU Delft campus for a week and experience the atmosphere of the university. This convinced me to enroll for the Master studies at this very high-tech university.

The first thing that I like the most is that university is very international. My classmates are coming from all over the world and it is a really unique experience to work on the projects and discuss societal issues related to technology in such internationally diverse groups. Second, university is very strongly connected to the industry. During our classes, we have many guest lecturers from the experts in the industry and also many career events. I meet a few new companies almost every week of my studies.

University is expanding very fast and due to that students can face with many difficulties finding affordable housing close by. They offer student accommodation through agency, which is really expensive and not necessarily good.

University has a really high reputation, especially in the Netherlands. All the master studies are based on many group projects during which students learn how to effectively work in culturally diverse groups. Also, many extracurricular activities and student organizations offered at the university help students to gain valuable soft skills and experience. The university gives also a lot of attention to research skills and critical thinking, which you have to prove with the final thesis.