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Students who are actively involved in EESTEC, will broaden their horizons by working on multiple projects with other students who share the same passion and motivation for self development. They have the chance to develop their ideas, challenge themselves and improve their skills. Last but not least, they will have the chance to travel abroad and meet with European students and explore interesting cities. EESTEC will definitely be the best “break” from your studies. :)

As a member of LC Athens, I was the Contact Person of our local Board during 2012-2013. My duties were mostly the communication and information of students about our workshops and local events. I was also responsible for the communication with the International Board in order to provide reports on our Local Committee. During my mandate, I also participated actively on all our local board projects, such as Java courses, Android Workshops, Master Degrees day, etc. Last but not least I was the Head Organizer of LC Athens’ 7-day workshop on e-governance and e-voting systems, where I had the chance to lead and supervise the work an organizing team consisted of FR, PR, Logistics and Academics Responsible.

I was attracted to EESTEC LC Athens as it is a european organization, that has both academic and social activity. I was really intrigued by the academic workshops, the local projects which focused on engineering subjects, the trainings and also by the opportunity to meet  and work with students from all over Europe.

Graduates of ECE can work on various fields of engineering and technical field in general. You can find electrical engineers in the following jobs: developers, network engineers, technical support, electronic engineers, research analysts, power engineers, supply chain, etc. ECE students can also follow academic careers (PhD) right after their 5-year studies, since our diploma is considered equivalent to master degree of engineering (MEng). The job opportunities are endless, you just have to find the one you love the most. :)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a very demanding department, but with lots of different studying opportunities. Students that wish to continue their undergraduate studies in ECE, should have first of all love for the technical field and science, since the program consists of mostly math, physics and computer science subjects. They should be patient and ready to give a lot of effort during their studies, since most of the classes require projects, teamwork and demanding finals. However, ECE is a diverse department, since the students have various fields to specialize in. There are sectors for telecommunication, computer networks, computer science, automation, power engineering, hardware engineering, electronics, business administration, biomedicine technology, physics and maths. This wide range of studies makes the school so interesting and unique and covers every wish for every student.