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One job is to deliver the financial goals, and make my boss happy, but also as General Manager, my responsibility is to grow the organization and its capabilities and also to ensure that the Colgate values are applied in every country. Also in Turkey, I need to assure that the Colgate ethics, the Colgate governance, the Colgate care for the community is replicated.

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Two main challenges, the first, as the face of the organization, every single group -we are a big multinational- groups in New York and other divisions, they always start with me. So, I have lots of projects and requests flying from all over, and it is important to keep a strong sense of focus and prioritization to ensure that I don’t distract the organization by cascading them down to all of that. So, identify that what is really that drives the organization; financial results but also the organization growth, is critical and I keep my team focused on that. The second challenge is that as a general manager, I need to set example. So, if I want to drive the values of ethics, of compliance, governance, hard work, accountability, I need to be the first. And that’s not always easy, because we are human, we can make mistakes.

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Probably, I mean, I didn’t know if I would have made it, because in university I wasn’t the brightest student, I liked to party, maybe too much, but my father has been critical at the end to convince me to leave Italy to move to the States, where I enter into a very good school and that helped me build my career and get here. But if you’d ask me the question when I was in high school, or middle school, I would say, the private detective, or veterinary.