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I think that everybody fits in EESTEC, even if someone doesn’t like travelling. EESTEC is more than traveling, it gives you the opportunity to meet new cultures, make friends all around Europe and from your own University. It gives you the opportunity to make things that others students don’t do and these experiences position you in advantage for a job interview for example. I can’t not explain or list all the skills that I have developed during my time at EESTEC as well as I can't describe all the feelings, I think this is something you have to experience by yourselves.

At the beginning I started taking little responsibilities that a new joiner could be in charge of. In my second year I was in charge of the publications of LC Madrid as well as really active in the organization of the annual workshop. Later, I had the honour to became the chairperson of my LC. This year was so great that I hadn't had enough so I decided to run for chairperson again. This two years leading my Local Committee made me learn many things as team working, leadership and public speaking skills. In my last year as an active member, I was the head organizer of the logistics for the EESTEC Annual Congress which was a big challenge.

During my first year at University, I met a LC Madrid's member and he convinced me to join EESTEC talking about the travelling possibilities. Also, I thought that joining a students association could be a great way to meet older students and learn from them a lot not only academically, such the best teachers or the best books, but also life related.

I think that Telecommunications fit with someone who has curiosity about technology and how it is changing our daily lives, in both social and business context. The telecommunications field embraces four different branches at UPM: Telematics, image and sound, electronics and telecommunications systems. Regarding this, anyone interested in any of these areas should study Telecommunications in order to a huge knowledge not only on the area chosen but also in the others you get a great background.

Well, it depends on your concerns since the job opportunities are endless. You can work in everything related to technology from software developer to IT consultant, electronic engineer, and so on. As you see, these positions are very different to each other and this is one of the awesome reasons to study Telecommunications since this degree gives you a wide vision and you can end up working on very different fields.