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What are the career opportunities in Finance? Does Kraft Heinz offer any global opportunities? (1 Answer)

There are countless job opportunities here in Kraft Heinz we have a lot of new challenges for people who are talented and reading to be our owner of the company you know Supply Chain Finance CBP, BBP all of those areas within finance they have a lot of opportunities here in dubai office and we are very married to aquatic environment so people who deliver more results are going to get supposed two more challenges and progress faster in the career this way as part of the career progression is natural as a multinational company that you are assigned holes elsewhere in the world we have office in 45 countries in the world and i'm quite sure they're all of them will be more than happy to welcome talented results-driven persons individuals that really deliver results here and if you are here with us and you're delivering results and you are progressing respect to work everywhere in the world.

What does Finance Department do at Kraft Heinz? (1 Answer)

Very concept away the finest department feedsback the loop in organization. People are working and finance gets reserves and show back to the team ok guys is how it's been doing this month and also we provide a lot of thing sides so people can provide better plans for the next month and for learning cycle of the business. Going a little bit more in details in your not here to buy offs we're structured basically on three teams, there's my team who deals with the things I've told you about ZBB Supply Chain Finance revenue management and MBO. Then there's another team videos with the reporting part of the business making sure that our reserves makes sense and they tie up together that we report those results back to the unit. And there's a third part which does the accounting and control part of finest making sure that we have the proper controls and systems and routines in places that are results are really reliable and they translate the reality of the business.

What skills and qualifications are essential to work in Finance? How did you improve yourself? (1 Answer)

I think that everyone who has a critical thinking who's into critical thinking screen two numbers and his resume driven can work in finance that's not really a lot of mysteries just being results-oriented and canter numbers of course when you are working a few different than your graduation it requires that you go really an extra mile outside of working hours to understand how those other concepts were new tied together during college I did a lot of internships in investment funds and manegemant consuming so I was a sposed to this concept between really important thing is not just settle only with what you learned from the internships and the job experience you have to go further and seek the knowledge outside of school outside the work environment because in the end of the day I chose to graduate as a computer engineer but my job choose now requires me to know a lot of things from economical management and I have to go and seek this knowledge.

What are the challenges and difficulties of working in Finance? (1 Answer)

Certainly the workloads towards the month and it's something that the professional must be willing to face and one has to be very very organized and very analytical to couple with the high workload and the demand of providing really accurate and precise analysis this is the biggest challenge for me.