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Too much to be told. I learned how work with people, how to organize event, I developed my language skills and a incredibly high number of soft skills. Even more, it gave me the chance to travel a lot, to learn a lot about other culture, other country, to meet amazing people and to build long term friendship which are still super strong. EESTEC was also important for my working path, since companies have always been totally interested about this part of my personal and professional past experience. It has been a life changer and I'm glad I decided to join :)

I had older friends already part of our LC and so I joined. It could have been one of the best choices I've ever made, to be honest.

Opportunities are very wide, since is a not-specific degree. It's easy to find a job in several areas of business, like marketing (my job), business development, management, analysis, quality, optimization, supply chain and so on... the great part of my degree is that it teaches you nothing super precisely, but it still gives you knowledge about a large number of things.

Management Engineering is a field for people which love both engineering and business, it is a very good hybrid degree but it requires different kind of skills and attitudes.

It could be better connected, have more services for students and be better maintained.

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