National Technical University of Athens

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Graduates of National Technical University of Athens are well equipped with knowledge and skills and are privileged to find a job easier, thanks to their level of studies and university. Companies usually prefer to have employees that are graduates from NTUA, since students of this institution have undergone a 5-year demanding study programme, with many projects that require a lot of studying and attention to detail,therefore they have acquired a unique way of thinking, the ability to solve difficult problems and provide accurate results.

What i enjoyed more is the freedom of choice. Our faculty offers a great deal of opportunities for students to do/join during their studies. These include NGO’s like EESTEC, IAESTE etc, political parties for people that wanted to be politically involved, a great variety of courses to choose from. Because of the style of the university there are no restrictions in when to sit an exam or a limitation in the number of times that you can fail it or take it. So, if you wanted to focus only on the studies you could, if you wanted to work (part-time) you could, thus allowing a different choice for everyone.

Following the latest advances in the fields. Due to the rapid development of most scientific fields, the courses should be updated frequently, but this was unfortunately not the case in NTUA.