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What are your duties and responsibilities as the Quality Assurance Regulatory Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Answer)

I do ensure compliance of products compliance of products 100% we do not have tolerance for any non-compliance, so compliance against regulations in the local markets where we sell our products one of the things that I look after our checking what are the food laws and regulations in the countries that I'm responsible of which are Middle East countries North Africa and Turkey I do gather all the regulations and requirements and make sure that our products are meeting these requirements.

How would you describe your full day as the Quality Assurance Regulatory Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Answer)

During the day I do keep an eye on all the the environment of regularity in the Market what are the things that are happening what are the laws and regulations anything new has popped up anything has changed and I make sure that I make the actions that are necessary to take in this act and your regulation or law is out and need to be implemented I do have a library for all these requirements and food laws and regulations and I do look at the recipes of our products I validate each recipe the ingredient the nutritional information and I make sure that they are fulfilling all the regulations and lows this is regarding the recipe and looking at art works or what we call for the consumer it's called labeled what they see on the product all the texts that is communicated to the consumer has to have to go through me and to be checked and to be approved all the texts in claims all the numbers all the details has to be approved from my side.

What are the challenges and difficulties of working in Quality Assurance? (1 Answer)

One of the biggest challenges and difficulties in quality are when a new food law or regulation comes up and we have to implement the changes very soon in a very short time period. Nowadays the countries and governments are looking after the health of their consumers a lot more than it used to be before that's why we see more regulations and more laws popping up and we need to implement them on our products that would be the biggest challenge.

How would you describe the process in a food company after a regulation comes up in the industry? (1 Answer)

When a regulation pops up and we have to implement it we look at the regulation we analyze it is it impacting our business our products then we look at which products what are the product and we let them down and we call up for a meeting with the other stakeholders it can be marketing supply chain convertion finance and we gather all these stakeholders in one place and we tell them guys we have a new regulation and we need to implement it on our product we need to change this and that and that and we put an action plan with timelines and responsibilities and it's more of a project management that need skill that need to be deployed at this project so we make the change as per the timelines so that we make sure that we implement what the regulations say.

What skills and qualifications are essential to work in Quality Assurance? (1 Answer)

You need to be a scientist it can be healthcare can be pharmacy it can be medicine it can be food science being nutrition or any other related fields. This is one of the crucian fundamentals to be working in quality assurance. The second thing is I would say about skills you need to have a very good communication skills because in quality assurance you do interact with many departments and around the company you need to interact with marketing it interact with a slight change for you need to have very good communication skills. The last thing would be good project management skills to be able to to manage all the new product development new recipe developments.

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