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What tips & advices would you give to students and new graduates who want to work in Sales? (1 Answer)

Sales is a huge world. There are a lot to learn in Sales. To start in Sales you should start on ground, you should start by understanding the basics. Once you know the basics you can do Sales. What I mean is, where the product is coming from, how does it reach to the shelf, how does it arrive to the port, who takes it from your warehouse, who puts it into the van, from the van to the store. That’s a very long chain that you need to understand, once you understand you can sit in the office and negotiate the pricing and contracts. If you don’t know how the basics are, so you cannot move directly in Sales. So my advice is learn the basics, Sales is a very interactive job, you meet with a lot of people as I said before. So you have to be a people’s person and you need to enjoy going to the market and travelling around the world to understand the best possible way to sell. And I think that is my advice to anyone who wants to do Sales.