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What tips & advices would you give to newcomer Erasmus students at Tilburg University? (1 Answer)

Although Tilburg is a small city, the university has more than 10000 students. Therefore, it is usually hard to find and apartment or room in Tilburg. In case anyone is preparing to study in Tilburg, (s)he should start searching for a room as soon as possible.

What is the cost of living in Tilburg? (1 Answer)

Tilburg is relatively cheap compared to the other cities in the Netherlands. The cost of living in the city is around 750 euros/month including rent.

How is it like to be an Erasmus student at Tilburg University? (1 Answer)

A big advantage of living in Tilburg is the location. It is very close to the Belgium border. Moreover, there are cheap flights to all over Europe from Eindhoven airport, and Tilburg is only 40 mins to this airport. Since I am from a large city, it was a disadvantage for me to live in a small city.

Why did you choose Tilburg University for Erasmus? (1 Answer)

When I made the decision about my master study, the most important fact was the reputation university, not the country or the city. However, the Netherlands is a great country to live in.

What can I do with a Masters in Marketing Management degree? What are the career opportunities? (1 Answer)

MSc in Marketing Management graduates can easily find a job in the private or public sector as a marketing personnel or they can become a teacher assistant and continue with their study to become an academician.