Terms of Use

Tellbout.com is an experience transfer platform developed by Sinaps Teknoloji Bilisim ve Danismanlik San. Tic. A.S. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinaps”)

By accessing or using the Tellbout.com whether as a member or as a guest, everyone (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) shall be deemed to read and accept the Terms of Use and Confidendiality Agreement below.

  1. No provocative and insulting texts could be written regarding communities.
  2. Texts that are not aimed to declare a comment but with a sole content of convess and provocative matters are prohibited.
  3. It is prohibited to send threatening, abusive, hateful or high number of undesired messages; to send religion, language, and racial segregation posts and use of similer materials; to act condescendingly to tellbout.com users.
  4. It is prohibited to write any harrasing texts oriented to users’ personality, behaviour, appearance.
  5. Messages that violate the Turkish laws and legislation, international laws, treaties, regulations may not be sent.
  6. It is prohibited to copy or sell the Tellbout.com content. Otherwise, Sinaps has the right to initiate legal process.
  7. Sinaps, if it considers it necessary, has the right to remove or edit any text, comment or answer on the website.
  8. Tellbout.com, since it is a legal obligation; even a member delete his/her membership, will continue to keep your answers at least 1 year in it’s database .
  9. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, sell any content that is produced by editors who contributed the Tellbout.com content, without an authorization from Tellbout.com.
  10. Administrative posts having the characteristics of announcement and notification featured in Tellbout.com, may be illustrated as an example to determine the general boundaries of rules and rights inside the system.
  11. Members who violate the Tellbout.com rules will be warned by the administrators. However, if repeated violation occurs, his/her registrations will be deleted from our system. Tellbout.com directors reserve their rights to temporarily suspend, permanently suspend and delete the members’ accounts.
  12. Right to update the Tellbout.com rules or to add additional ones shall belong to Tellbout.com directors.
  13. Tellbout.com members are responsible for the messages/comments they post to Tellbout.com. Tellbout.com shall not accept any liability regarding the texts, messages and comments that are posted by the users.
  14. Illegal data which is violating Turkish law and other legislations shall not be presented in Tellbout.com user account. Users can not act like another individual, and can not use another individual’s name or information without consent. 
  15. Sinaps may share the user-produced content through it’s channels or may make these content available to third parties who required to know and edit the content as a matter of course.
  16. In the event of any criminal complaint or investigation demand received to member from official authorities and/or detection of digital sabotage or attack that prevent or change Sinaps system’s operations; Sinaps has the right to explore user’s ID information and declare them to the legal authorities.

Users who signed up to this web site shall be deemed to read and accept the aforementioned “Terms of Use”.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy has been drafted in order to ensure the legal use of the content that has been generated and uploaded by the Tellbout.com users and their personal data/information in terms of data protection and privacy matters. Sinaps reaches the user information through it’s websites, applications, services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), Tellbout.com mobile applications and assistant tools. In this process; collecting, editing, using, transferring and storing the information constitutes the subject of the herein Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy is valid and effective in all countries Tellbout.com is active and accessible, regardless of country of residence of the user.

Information Gathering and Utilization

Data Recording: Tellbout.com servers may automatically store the information (Data Recording) created by the user when using the services. Data Recording may contain the user’s full IP address, browser type, visited pages, device and application ID, search entries and domain name information. Apart from that; interactions between users and Tellbout.com web site and applications, and advertisements broadcasted on website also may be added to the data recording contents.

Links: Sinaps may track the URLs in Tellbout.com, user interactions when using the services, and source routing client clicks with third-party services. Sinaps operate above process in order to improve it’s services and provide advertisers the exact statistical information (e.g. click through rate). Tellbout.com is not responsible from the content or privacy policies of the websites that provided it’s URL or plug it’s advertise. In respect thereof, above linking process shall be legally regarded as “referring” or “providing reference”.

Cookies: Cookies are small sized data files that are transferred to the hard drive of user’s computer. Sinaps may use sessions cookies as well as permanent cookies in order to attain a better understaing of how the user interacts with the accessible services on the web site, monitor the user’s multithread and web site traffic regarding the services provided by Tellbout.com, and improve the current services. Most of the web browsers automatically accepts the cookies. By setting the browser options, you may ensure your browser to not allow the cookies from visited website or set a prior authorization with regard to this.

Third Party Services: Sinaps, on it’s Tellbout.com platform, use various service providers like Google Analytics that are assisting to understand the usage of the services to provide server to the blog and their wikis. Aforementioned service providers may collect the information that are parts of a website and transferred through your browser such as cookies and IP demands.

Information Gathered During Registration: When a new Tellbout.com account is created or reconfigured; some personal data such as name, surname, password and e-mail address are being transferred to Tellbout.com by the user. Some of the information above such as user’s name, surname, username and occupation info will be listed on all services of Tellbout.com including user’s profile page and search results, and as available to everyone. Additionaly; some services such as searching, public user profiles and list views do not required to be signed up.

Additional Information: Additional informations such as short biography or photograph may be illustrated by the user on user account. Since the fact that User may specialize his/her account through e-mail accounts and other social networks and blogs, he/she may help Sinaps to find the user’s potential contacts. User’s contact information shall be able to be used by Sinaps to send information on it’s services or to promote. User may cancel his/her subscriptions with regard to this, through following the instructions illustrated on the Tellbout.com. In the fact that User send any data, in order to reply this data; e-mail address and contact information of the user shall be kept private. Providing additional information is completely at user’s sole discretion.

Questions, Answers, Track List and Other Public Information: Tellbout.com services have been designed to the end that information that are uploaded to the platform should be transferred to the public in the most correct way. User, since he/she begin to use the services; notifies Tellbout.com that he/she is aware of the fact that most of the provided information will be publicly streamed by Sinaps in the way they were specified in herein document. This rule is also effective in the event of user follows, likes, edit a subject/question or enters into suchlike intrasystem interactions. User’s default system settings will be configured as accessible to everyone. However, upon the user’s request, user shall be able to change the system settings through re-arranging user options.

(htt://www.tellbout.com/account/settings). Since the fact that User’s publicly accessible information may be spreaded quickly (being accesible to the public i.e. search engines, mobile services and other digital platforms); user should act carefully when uploading information to Tellbout.com that are accessible to third parties.

Information Sharing and Dissemination

Service Providers: Sinaps takes advantage of the services of reliable suppliers in order to carry out the functions, applications and services of the platform. Sinaps, in order to ensure the constant, trouble-free and active functionality of the platform and protect the sustainable services; may share the user’s personal data with suppliers in comply with the rules have been illustrated in privacy policy.

Sinaps reserves the right to share only the user’s contact information, and the information has been thought it would be a positive contribution to his/her career, and that are pair off information within uploaded content and information; with the Tellbout.com member companies and the other companies and/or Sinaps’ technical data resource websites and other approvable digital or analog platforms.

Legal and Mandatory Requirements: In the event of any conflict or illegality within the legal legislations, and any official mandatory requirements that have to be followed, or upon any legal authorities’ request, or for the purpose of protecting Tellbout.com’s rights or someone else’s safety; user data may be shared.

Restructre of Business: As a result of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, re-organization or asset transfer of Sinaps; all user information found on Tellbout.com, may be handed over or be transferred as a part of the transaction. In this case, provisions indicated in the privacy policy shall be applied.

Private or Non-Personal Information: User’s accessible to public comments and anwers, private and non-personal contents that have been transferred to the public, and other non-personal informations collected in the platform may be shared or disclosed by the Tellbout.com

Demolition and/or Alteration of the Personal Information

Personal information that has been provided by the User to the Tellbout.com, always able to be changed after signing up to Tellbout.com and through the “Profile Setting” tab.

In order to delete the user account completely from Tellbout.com, an e-mail with this regard has to be send to the contact@tellbout.com. In the event of user’s account has been deleted, all information of the user will be kept on the Tellbout.com servers at least 6 months in comply with the legislation. While the personal data -which User requested a demolition- has been keeping in Tellbout.com servers, this information shall not be shared with any other person or institution. However, If the information in question has been shared with another person or institution in comply with the privacy policy and before the User’s above request, Tellbout.com is not responsible for the subsequent usage of this information.

Amendments to Herein Privacy Policy

Sinaps has the right to make changes to terms of use and privacy policy of Tellbout.com at any time without notifying the users, nevertheless, has a liability to notify the users regarding important changes.

The most recent version of privacy policy could be reached through the followint URL https://www.tellbout.com/terms-of-use. Sinaps, at it’s sole discretion, in case of any changes to be made to the privacy policy, shall inform the user through the update messages which will appear on Tellbout.com or by means of e-mail addresss that has been associated with the user’s account. User shall be deemed to accept the amendments made to the Privacy Policy in case he/she continue to access the services or use the services.

In the case that user has a question or comment regarding privacy policy, user may contact Sinaps through contact@anlatsin.com.

Regardless of whether someone is a member of the Tellbout.com website or not, every single visitor shall be deemed to read and accept above conditions.


Trademarks and logos on the Tellbout.com platform belong to Sinaps. These trademarks and logos shall not be used or distributed without prior written consent of Sinaps.


The sole purpose of this website and it’s content is to provide convenience to the users. Even though the purpose is to provide accurate information on this website, Sinaps does not accept any liability or obligation regarding the accuracy of the information.

Limiting Liability

Sinaps has no liability for it’s directors, affiliates, employees and other representatives regarding any direct or indirect special, occasional, punitive damages (compensation of unlimited, profit and income loss, regarding websites’ limit or probable damages that may prevent the access to the website or incompatible with the content or to be incurred by the usage of the website).