Transylvania University of Braşov

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Transylvania University of Braşov is one of the best universities in Transylvania county, which provides education for its students on many levels (academic and profesional, mainly). Furthermore, the academic opportunities of research and traveling abroad during thesis or research papers preparations is a strong advantage that made me decide to choose this university.

Transylvania University of Braşov has significant scientific collaborations within large projects with other Romanian and foreign universities, or with other faculties from our university in the fields of mathematics and computer science.

What I like the most about Transylvania University of Braşov is the variety of courses and topics that could be learned during a semester, together with the open-minded attitude of the proffessors and assistants who supports us during studying.

As I am in my first year of studies here, I cannot say if there is something that could be improved in Transylvania University of Braşov.