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As a member of LC Athens, I was the Contact Person of our local Board during 2012-2013. My duties were mostly the communication and information of students about our workshops and local events. I was also responsible for the communication with the International Board in order to provide reports on our Local Committee. During my mandate, I also participated actively on all our local board projects, such as Java courses, Android Workshops, Master Degrees day, etc. Last but not least I was the Head Organizer of LC Athens’ 7-day workshop on e-governance and e-voting systems, where I had the chance to lead and supervise the work an organizing team consisted of FR, PR, Logistics and Academics Responsible.

I was involved for several years in the activities organised by EESTEC, but I believe that the most significant position within LC Athens for me was that of a trainer. That meant that along with other EESTEC trainers, we were organising soft skills trainings in a variety of topics, like Leadership skills, team management, creative thinking etc.