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f I could summarize it I would say that revenue management is to focus on driving more profitability for the business by effectively expanding more wisely our trade resources and reacted more fastly to market changes. In supply chain finance you have to work very closely with the operation team to manage all the costs across our supply chain in order to drive more savings to the bussiness and why did we spend Money on things that we are not bringing value to the consumer. ECB reviews one of the carf things in our future here because ZBB helps us ensure that every dollar span first is really necessary and if it is necessary and you have really two expanded is bringing a lot of value to the table. MBO ensures that everyone is the company's the line two are the same goals and objectives so in MBO we have to understand each person rules and to assign goals for each one of them and make sure they're tracked through the system through the year in a very timely and accurate way.