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Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a very demanding department, but with lots of different studying opportunities. Students that wish to continue their undergraduate studies in ECE, should have first of all love for the technical field and science, since the program consists of mostly math, physics and computer science subjects. They should be patient and ready to give a lot of effort during their studies, since most of the classes require projects, teamwork and demanding finals. However, ECE is a diverse department, since the students have various fields to specialize in. There are sectors for telecommunication, computer networks, computer science, automation, power engineering, hardware engineering, electronics, business administration, biomedicine technology, physics and maths. This wide range of studies makes the school so interesting and unique and covers every wish for every student.

The department has a significant amount of courses closely related to Maths, Physics, so a strong background is required. Also, the program in NTUA focuses more on learning patterns in the problems an engineer need to solve rather than getting to know the x/y technology you will need for a job. So, if for instance you want to become a web developer and you are absolutely sure about it, then maybe this department is not the ideal place. However, personally I gained a lot from learning to recognise the patterns and the broader perspective of a problem.