Why Kraft Heinz? What motivates you here?

5 Cevap

Very simple and straightforward approach we have to business it's very easy to understand what's expected for new and how to deliver more it's very very easy also the meritocracy future is something that really appreciate because you can at their age disposed to several challenges and also you can progress really fast in your career if you are results-oriented and deliver the results.
First of all Kraft Heinz is a global company. Many companies say they are schools, some companies are there just to deliver numbers or some are there to create better employees. Kraft Heinz is one of them. I learned in the past year some things that I would not dreamt to learn in over the past 4 years. You need to adopt change very quickly but you learn a lot and being in a global company and having many nationalities with you, you learn a lot of new cultures, you learn a lot of new skills and this is what honestly motivates me in Kraft Heinz. It is a very good company to learn and grow.
Kraft Heinz is one of the biggest food manufacturers and food suppliers globally it's a very good opportunity for me was to work in Kraft Heinz and the things that motivates me in this company are that the values of the company one of them is consumer first we look at what the consumer wants and we understand their needs and we tried hard to make sure that we fulfill all these expectations the second value that I do like in the company is ownership a company gives you the ownership to do actions and to do your duties and responsibilities the way you think you should do it and that gives you a better experience better exposure it puts you in challenges you will learn and it's very important for the career and the development of your career and gives you better opportunities to work in other departments to learn from these departments these are the values that I do like in the company and that's why I'm motivated to work in Kraft Heinz.