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Having 3,5 months mandatory internships in 3 different semester gain us a big favor while we’re still students with no real business experience and also for our post-graduate life. Experiencing and observing the working place for 12 months in total is a big blessing and opportunity for undergraduates to make better career choices.

In public universities you will be realized by the head of department only when you are the best or the worst of the class mostly because of the crowd. However in TOBB, you can always apply to your department head, professors or teachers and consult on them whenever you want. Each of them will call and remember you by your first name. It is the advantage of studying in uncrowded classes. Moreover TOBB ETU gets ahead of other private universities with its cooperative education program, enabling the student do mandatory internships last 12 months in total, but University needs to enhance the list of the companies within the program so that students have more alternatives in different sectors.

English Language and Literature graduates have vast career opportunities. Our department provides a minor undergraduate program called Translation Studies, and with the certificate you get after required courses, you can be an interpreter. Even if your department does not belong to Faculty of Education, you can join initial teacher trainings in other universities and become an English teacher in educational institutions. Academicianship in universities can be another option but if these alternatives are not suitable for you, together with the advanced English language training and extracurricular activities, you can work in any sector according to your interests, from marketing to product development.

Its a social department with lots of reading and writing missions. Being interested in extracurricular activities like theatre or musicals will be in your favour during your pupilage. Except your lectures, you should certainly be involved in activities which will improve your English. Also with no wonder, you should highly be interested in English language, its culture and history thoroughly.